Curriculum Support

A new concept at Playstage YA. To reinforce your STEM curriculum, our writers have produced some interesting short plays on different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, making heavy use of visuals for either computerised projection or to download and hand out to small groups. The plays are re-enactments of the development of key areas of Science and Technology and are written in a fun and informative style. The plays can either be performed within class, as a way of covering a key topic, or used to perform in front of year groups, the rest of the school or parents. Excellent for Open Days and Summer School projects. We intend to add to this category continuously. You will also see that we have some presentations/plays about aspects of British History. We intend to add to these, also, including topics from World History.

All of our presentations are downloadable only, we do not post paper copies to you. Buying a presentation couldn’t be easier, simply click ‘add to cart’, complete the checkout form and pay. As soon as payment is confirmed, you must wait for Paypal to return you to our website, where your download link will be waiting for you. A download link to your presentation will also be sent to the email address you have given us, please allow a few minutes and check your spam bin just in case. If you have any problems with your download, please contact us by email and we will immediately sort it out.

Click on each presentation title to read about the plot, cast numbers, running time and to read a sample.

Running time approximately 20 minutes. A television reporter gives us an overall view of what led to the Barons taking umbrage at the conduct of King John. Warning: there are scenes of extreme comedy.

Running time approximately 30 minutes. A time-travelling classroom visits the individuals of the 19th and 20th centuries involved in the international race to find a drug that can combat serious infections.

Running time approximately 30 minutes. A time-travelling classroom visits the 18th century to witness the development of the first computer by Charles Babbage and his relationship with the first programmer, Ada Lovelace.

Running time approximately 30 minutes. A time-travelling classroom visits the daring individuals involved in the international quest to ‘fly like a bird’ – starting with the intrepid balloonists in the 18th century.

Running time approx. 50 mins. 600 years of British history in one hour! There's a lot of royalty, (most of whom meet gruesome ends) a few songs, some bizarre traditions and many laughs. Enlightening!