Comedy Plays

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Approximate running time of 50 minutes. We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge – a mean and twisted, lonely old man who is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve to make him see…

Running time approximately 1 hour. More, if songs are added. Not a normal rendition of the story of Goldilocks. This is a home invasion on an epic scale because a host of unexpected characters just…

Running time 1 hour and 30 minutes. Cinderella updated. The Stepsisters take a lot of selfies, Buttons retires – hence Velcro and Zip , and glass slippers are a Health and Safety hazard!

Running time 1 hour. Terrifying noises are coming from the old Eggs Factory. Turns out it’s a talent show (Eggs Factory – geddit?) But is it a crime? Holmes must investigate.

Running time 50 minutes. Hilarious spoof of the horror genre! Frankenstein’s Monster wakes up gagging for a decent cup of tea and his quest introduces him to a musical world of horror.

Running time approx. 50 mins. The ultimate unreality show! Characters from the world of Fairy Tales battle it out in an undisclosed location for a chance to revive their flagging careers. Brutal!

Running time approx. 50 mins. A super smart talking cat, a militant vegetarian princess, an ogre who is visited by OFSTED...why it must be Puss In Boots! (You may not be familiar with our version).

Running time approx. 60mins. What if you were told you had to marry a frog? Prince Ivan has a terrible problem but then he discovers that his bride is not what she seems. ( tell!)

Running time approx 60 mins. You won't believe this...Golidlocks is in Court charged with breaking and entering. The Judge is nuts, the witnesses are dodgy and the Three Bears are running an insurance scam!

Running time approx. 60 mins. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the courtroom, along comes another court case of fantabulous Fairy Tale characters! Crazy capers, of course.

Running time approx.35 mins. Welcome to a 21st Century Christmas! No conversation, just each family member in their own tech bubble. But a documentary film crew are about to change all that...

Running time approx. 60 mins. Yes, there's one extra dwarf and a few other characters that aren't in the original story. (We like to think we improve on the original, most of the time).

Running time approx. 35 mins. The Prince needs to get married! But, unfortunately, there are no suitable Princesses (curse, anyone?), so a commoner is going to have to step up to the plate.

Running time approx. 60mins. A good old-fashioned pantomime with a Dame, a villain, hopeless policemen, a Princess, and lots of other things! You know that tree that bears a silver nutmeg and a golden pear?…

Running time approx. 35 mins. The Princess is miserable. Anyone who can make her laugh can marry her. Cue a performing goose, a Troll and (yawn) another handsome woodcutter. (They're never ugly are they?)

Running time approx. 50 mins. So, princess is born, fairies invited to christening, stupid King leaves Black Fairy off guest list, she curses baby...then the story takes an unusual turn...

Running time approx. 60 mins. This high-octane tale of the seven seas has royalty, (2 kings) cannibals (ugh!), carpenters (?), treasure (of course) and shipwrecks (amazing what you can do on a small stage!).

Running time approx. 50 mins. The Wolf is having a bad day. Red Riding's gang 'The Girls in the Hood' are out to get him, plus there are some Super Pigs on the loose. Help!

Running time approx. 60 mins. A nautical pantomime this time! There's a Dame, some pirates, some secret agents and a giant parrot that cooks (bizarre, we know, but it works - trust us).

Running time approx. 45 mins. Inspector Claude Clueless is investigating a number of crimes in the world of nursery rhymes - stolen sheep, accidents when fetching water, abducted pigs - it's dangerous out there!

Running time approx. 45 mins. A traditional pantomime (almost) and we would like to state that no Beanstalk or Giant is harmed during the staging of this show (not climbed up, chopped down or slain.)

Running time approx. 60 mins. This is the story of The Three Musketeers - but not, perhaps, recognisable to Alexandre Dumas! (If TV writers can mess about with the original story, then we can too.)

Running time approx. 60 mins. This is a very, very funny take on the tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff...except there are only two...and everyone keeps mistaking them for sheep. Even the Troll!